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The Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center is one of the largest and most urban farming models in New York City. Developed through a partnership between the Riverpark restaurant and the Alexandria Center for Life Science – New York City, the Farm supplies fresh produce to the adjacent Riverpark restaurant, under the direction of Riverpark Chef/Partner Sisha Ortúzar. 

Riverpark Farm's first location was on a 15,000-square foot plot at 430 East 29th Street in Manhattan, between First Avenue and the East River, on the site of Alexandria Center's West Tower, where construction was temporarily suspended due to the unprecedented worldwide financial crisis of recent years. This so-called "stalled site" was one of 700 in New York City alone. The Farm is a landmark example of the temporary alternative use of a stalled site to stimulate local interest and economic activity, benefit the environment, beautify an area, and engage the community. To learn more about stalled sites in NYC, click here.

In the fall of 2012, construction resumed on the site of the West Tower, but thanks to the innovative methods that were used to build the portable farm, the farm team was able and prepared to move the more than 7,000 milk crates in less than 24 hours. 

Now, the Farm is reopened in a new location along the North side of the Alexandria Center plaza, where it continues to grow fresh produce for Riverpark restaurant and offer a unique learning resource for the community

Keep up with the Farm via our blog (and our tweets) to see what’s growing!