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 In planning Riverpark Farm, we worked with ORE Technology + Design to create a concept that uses sustainable, economic, portable and flexible approaches to urban farming. Their solution: recycled milk crates redesigned as planters that fit closely together for the best use of space.
Vegetables, herbs, and flowers grown at the Farm were specially selected based on their ability to thrive when planted in double-stacked milk crates and grow in an urban environment.

Riverpark's chefs visited the Farm daily to discuss harvestable plants with the farmers so they could determine the menus for the following day. Produce from the Farm was picked that very morning. Farm to table.
Clean food waste from the kitchen was composted and used to fertilize the Farm throughout the seasons. Other organic fertilization methods, such as compost team, mulching with cocoa husk to maintain soil moisture and provide extra nitrogen to tomato plants, and planting winter rye (cover crop) to sustain the Farm's soil until spring were used.

Many of the Farm’s perennial plants began their life at Wilklow Orchards in the Hudson Valley and were relocated to the Farm in the summer of 2011. Crops planted after August 2011 grew entirely on site. The Farm was created with advice and support from GrowNYC.